Project City-Place Sector Year Photo
Said Sadiq Main Street
Supply of 11/0.4Kva Transformer , Power Cables , lighting poles , lighting Fixture and electrical Photocell Control panels  .   
Sulaimanyah / Said Sadiq Public Street 2012  
Tainal main street 
Supply of 11/0.4Kva Transformer , Power Cables ,lighting poles and electrical Photocell Control panels  . 
Sulaimanyah/Tainal High way Street 2012  
 Awesar Tourist area
Supply 33Kva Underground Cable &  33Kva Transmition line with Ring Main Unit and Lighting  .
Sulaimanyah / Tawela Tourist Area 2013  
 Al-Watania Plastic Factory
Supply and installing 33Kva Power Transmition line , transformer 33/0.4Kv ,MV and  LV Cables and Factory Distribution Panels .
Sulaimanyah / Bazian Plastic Pipe Industry 2013  
 Darwaza park
Supply of Power Station 11/0.4Kva Transformer, Cables and Lighting .
Sulaimanyah / Qaladzie General Park 2013  
Bazian Main road lighting
Supply of 11/0.4Kva Transformer , Power Cables and lighting poles and electrical Photocell panels  .
Sulaimanyah / Bazian Public Street 2013  
  UNESCO - Iraq Office
Constraction of 6 Classroom Prefab Schools in Kurdistan Region of Iraq Supply 11/0.4Kva Transformer and all Electrical Equipments.
Sulaimanyah /Halabja Education Building 2014  
   Slemani Heights - Qaiwan Group
Supply of RMU with Sf6 11Kva Circuit Braker with Isolators  ,Oznur Cablo single core wire for indoor distribution and outdoor lighting fixture and garden lighting .
Sulaimanyah / Center. Residential Building 2015  
  Rizgary Security Directorate
Supply and Installation of Transformer 11/0.4Kva Powerstation, LV panel ,Iindoor & Outdoor lighting , Data Network cabinet , telephone sysytem .
Sulaimanyah / Center. Government Building 2015  
Dilan City 2 C3 & C4
Supply and Installation 1250Kva Kiosk of transformer Power Sub station 11/0.4Kva , Generators Synchronising panels ,  MV & LV underground cables ,Smart KW/h Distribution Panel
Sulaimanyah / Center. Residential Building 2015  
UNDP - Qoratu Displaced Camp      
Supply of 33/0.4Kva Transformer Power Sub station & Lighting with Electrical Equipment for Electricity Directorate of Garmian /Kelar
Sulaimanyah / Kelar Camp 2016  
 Roshinbiran City
Supply of Power Transformer Sub Station 1250Kva , 11/0.4Kva, 11Kv Ring Main unit & LV Distribution Panel .
Sulaimanyah / Center. Building 2016  
  Safco flour Factory                Supply and installation 33/0.4Kva Transformers Sub station , Main Distribution Panells , Lv Underground Cables , Lighting Arestor and Earthing system  for Safco Flour Factory in Said Sadiq. 
Sulaimanyah /Saidsadiq Factory 2016  
 Anwar Sheixa Hospital         
Supply and Installation of Busbar Trunking System
( Megabarre Europe Brand ) . 
Sulaimanyah / Center. Hospital 2017