Busbar Trunking

Busbar trunking  is the newest technology in power solution for transport and distribute  the power from low voltage side of transformer or generator to inside  building by current rating are guaranteed with ambient temperature of 40 c̊ and higher in request ,it is possible to broadcast the power in several brunch and is controllable  for both model case circuit breaker in several size from 40 A to 800A in join and also we can use fuse type for protection as customer request ,the bus bar trunking system rate start from 25A,40A  for lighting and low power user and 400A to 6300A for high power utilization and protection index of system is IP55 and for outdoor use without tap off box only for transportation and by adding canopy we achieve IP66 .

The system is full body earthed and the material used for insulation is (Mylar) polyester film by Dopant that has high performances in particular it has a high thermal resistance (150C̊)and high value of dielectric strength (>20KV) and the system is fire rated properties and even there is extra  accessories for fire rated wall crossing.

Oure service contain design the system by inspecting site prepare drawing and discuss the case with manufacture and supply material in  nearest date and installing the system in shortest working days when the customer be ready and shaft is opened and clean and we test and commissioning  the system after finishing the work and energized we have regular maintenance during our guaranty time in free charge and by contract with customer  after finishing the guaranty period.